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Two talks on 3/14 (Tue) and 3/17 (Fri)

Two talks on 3/14 (Tue) and 3/17 (Fri)

Location: Room 521

Time: 12:10 pm


(1) Speaker: Prof. Wenwu Tian (Calgary University, Canada & National Astronomical Observatories of China)

Time: 12:10pm, 3/14 (Tue), 2017

Title: Supernova remnants and the origin of cosmic rays


I will first give a short introduction to Supernova Remnant (SNR), then focus on a recent hotspot of SNR research: Studying the origin of cosmic rays by TeV gamma-ray survey in the Galactic plane. TeV SNRs show great promise to increase our understanding of cosmic rays. By neutral hydrogen (HI) 21 cm continuum and HI line observations to some TeV SNRs, we have measured their kinematic distances which help improving our understanding of cosmic rays' origin.


(2) Speaker: Dr. Jeng-Lun Chiu (Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley, USA)

Time: 12:10pm, 3/17 (Fri), 2017

Title: The Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI) Project


The Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI) project is an effort to develop the next generation Compton telescope of higher sensitivity. COSI is currently a balloon-borne telescope project. The heart of COSI is an array of 12 cross-strip germanium detectors, each with 15mm x 80mm x 80mm dimension and full 3D position resolution of less than 2 mm^3. COSI performs Compton spectroscopic imaging in the 0.2-10 MeV gamma-ray band with a field of view about 50 degrees across and capability of polarization measurement. It is also well suitable for monitoring transient events. Several COSI balloon flights have been conducted. The most recent flight was launched from Wanaka, New Zealand, in May 2016 with a super-pressure balloon flying for 47 days. During this flight, COSI discovered GRB160530A and detected several sources, including the 511-keV emission from the galactic center, the Crab, Cen A, and Cyg X-1. The COSI collaboration is now working for the next flight in spring 2019, to launch again from Wanaka, New Zealand, for a 100-day flight. I will report the current status of the COSI project. COSI is a join effort of several institutions in Taiwan, US and France.