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2017-08-14 Abstract
Time: 2pm, Monday, August 14
Venue: R521, IoA, 2nd General Building
Speaker: Prof. Alex Lazarian (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
Title: New way to study interstellar magnetic fields: velocity gradients

 I shall discuss two new techniques of magnetic field tracing using spectral line data. The techniques employ the gradients of velocity in order to trace magnetic fields in the diffuse interstellar media as well as to trace regions of star formation associated with the gravitational collapse. The differences between these techniques is that they use different observationally available measures, i.e. the first one uses the velocity centroids and the other uses velocity channel maps. I shall provide the theoretical foundations of the techniques that are based on our modern understanding of MHD turbulence, the numerical testing of the techniques as well as the comparison of the directions obtained with the velocity gradients using GALFA HI data and those of magnetic field as traced by Planck as well as 13CO data and far infrared polarimetry with BLASTPOL.