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2018-10-05 Abstract
Testing CDM Predictions with Galaxy Cluster Gravitational Lensing
Speaker: Dr. Keiichi Umetsu
Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Time: 3:30pm 1st Oct., 2018
Venue: R521, IoA, 2nd General Building
In this talk, I will discuss how the predicted properties of dark-matter (DM) halos can be examined and tested using various effects of gravitational lensing, such as weak shear lensing, weak magnification lensing, strong lensing, and the moving lens effect. I will present recent results from applications of gravitational lensing to observations of galaxy clusters, the largest class of DM halos. Possible topics to be covered include the density structure of DM in quasi-equilibrium halos, the asphericity of DM halos, the splashback feature in outskirts of DM halos, and the recent discovery of the universal fundamental plane (FP) relation in cluster-scale DM halos.