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2021-04-01 Abstract

Title:  Saving Low-mass Planets in Dusty Protoplanetary Disks
Speaker:  Dr. He-Feng Hsieh (NTHU)
Date: April 1 at 12:20
Location: R501, General Building II
Planets formed in protoplanetary disks interact with the disks and experience orbital migrations. In particular, low-mass planets are expected to undergo rapid inwards migration and lost to the central star. It is then difficult to explain the enormous low-mass exoplanets discovered so far. Recent studies have shown that in dust-laden disks, various dust substructures can be induced in the vicinity of planets, which could have significant effects on disk-planet interactions. In this talk, I will present the migration behavior of low-mass planets in dusty protoplanetary disks, obtained from 2D two-fluid hydrodynamic simulations. I will discuss the new recovered regime of stochastic migration, applicable to disks with abundant large dust particles, where low-mass planets can survive in disks. 
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