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2021-04-09 Abstract

Title:  Studying Galaxy Cluster with Gravitational Lensing
Speaker:  Dr. Sut leng Tam (ASIAA)
Date: April 9 at 14:30
Location: R521, General Building II
Galaxy clusters are the largest and rarest structures in our Universe. Their properties depend on the growth of structure from the seeds provided by primordial density fluctuations. Clusters are therefore ideally suited to testing cosmological models. Approximately 80% of a cluster’s mass consists of dark matter. Although this component is invisible, the total mass along a line of sight can be mapped through measurement of the deflection of light from background objects by gravitational lensing. In this talk, I will show the mass reconstruction of galaxy cluster though weak lensing method. Using N-body simulation, we test different mass reconstruction techniques and find an optimal one for real observational dataset. After that, I will present a combined strong + weak lensing and X-ray analysis of a galaxy cluster, MS-0451. This comprehensive study allows us to map the distribution of dark matter throughout a ∼6 × 6 Mpc2 area and constrain some fundamental cluster properties, such as halo mass, concentration, splashback radius and its dynamical state.
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