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2021-04-16 Abstract

Title:  An extinction-free view of transients in nuclear, dusty environments
Speaker:  Dr. Cristina Romero-Canizales (ASIAA)
Date: April 16 at 14:30
Location: R521, General Building II
The Universe is in constant change. Events such as supernovae and flares from active galactic nuclei give evidence of the transient nature of the sky. Transients are typically discovered by optical surveys observing large regions of the sky at a high cadence. There is however an interest in detecting and studying the counterparts at different wavelengths in order to construct a more complete picture of the transient itself, as well as from its progenitor and its relationship with the host galaxy. Furthermore, some transients are missed by optical surveys because they occur in regions with large optical extinction. In this talk I will present a selection of transients in the nuclear regions of nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies which we have followed-up in radio, while introducing the project SUNBIRD (Supernovae UNmasked By Infra-Red Detection). I will also briefly talk about how current and upcoming facilities will revolutionize transient radio studies.
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