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2021-05-10 Abstract

Title:  Searching for ultralight dark matters with pulsar timing arrays
Speaker:  Dr. Asuka Ito (NCTS)
Date: May 10 at 12:20
Location: R501, General Building II

Ultralight dark matters are expected to resolve the core-cusp problem of the dark matter halo. In this talk, we study ultralight scalar and vector dark matters with a mass around 10^{−23} eV. Such a ultralight dark matter oscillates coherently on galactic scales and induces oscillations of the spacetime metric with a frequency around nHz, which is detectable by pulsar timing arrays. We find that the pulsar timing signal due to the vector dark matter has nontrivial angular dependence unlike the scalar dark matter and the maximal amplitude is three times larger than that of the scalar dark matter. Their detectability with future pulsar timing projects is discussed.

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