2016-12-09 Student presentation

Student Presentation

Time Coordinate: 3:30 pm 9th Dec. 2016 (Friday)

Space Coordinate: NTHU General Building II, R521


Speaker A: Marvis Cheong (NTHU)

Accretion processes in protostar and protostellar disk formation


Speaker B: Hao-Yuan Duan (NTHU)

Searching the First Hydrostatic Core Candidates

First Hydrostatic Cores (FHCs) are the transient phase between prestellar cores and Class 0 protostars. It is a key to understand the earliest stage of star formation. Recently, some potential candidates of FHCs have been suggested, but not enough to enable statistical property studies. In the talk, I will summarize the papers which propose candidates of FHCs. I will also talk about my recently work on searching FHCs candidates in Perseus molecular cloud.