2018-11-30 Abstract

Title: Some remarks on supernova-driven turbulence
Speaker: Dr. Miikka Väisälä (ASIAA)
Date: November 30 at 15:30pm
Location: General building II, R521
I will discuss my past work in the supernova driven turbulence, especially with focus on processes related to galactic dynamo. Galactic dynamo is a combination of mechanism which are seen to regulate the generation and structure of galactic magnetic fields, but its vast non-linear aspects are not well known. I presents a few perspectives on this. First I will examine the effects of turbulent diffusion to the dynamo generation - and why magnetorotational instability (MRI) is likely dampened in galaxies, despite playing role in accretion disks. Second, and talk about direct numerical simulation of supernova driven turbulence itself. And third, I discuss how such simulations can relate with the galactic foreground polarization observed by Planck satellite.