2019-10-02 Abstract

Title: Astroneutrinos and physics beyond the standard model
Speaker:  TseChun Wang (SYSU)
Date: October 2 at 12:10
Location: R521, General building II
Neutrinos are one of elementary particles. Plenty of them exist in the universe, and wait to be detected. Currently, neutrino oscillations was confirmed, and is by-far the only evidence that the standard model (SM) is not complete. Since then, the phenomenology beyond the SM is largely proposed, and points experimentalists a direction to search such a signal, which cannot be explained by known physics.  Thanks to the revolution of neutrino-detection technology, we can extract plenty more information on the new physics from those astroneutrino data. In this review talk, we will firstly introduce the detection techniques which is relevant to what new physics can be studied. We will further discuss on searching for new particles with solar or supernova neutrino data.