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Tetsuya Hashimoto won the best postdoc paper award 2020 in Taiwan

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan awarded me ‘the best postdoc paper award 2020 in Taiwan’. This paper ...

Mysterious radio signals in the Universe are not from aliens!



Astronomers have recently discovered that the sky flashes frequently in radio wavelengths. These ‘fast radio bursts’ are happening more than 1000 times every day. Nevertheless, their origin has been a mystery for more than a decade, partly because they disappear very quickly. No one knew about the origins of such signals. Could the signals be from aliens? Dr. Hashimoto's collaborative team at the Institute of Astronomy/NTHU discovered the origins of mysterious ‘fast radio bursts’ for the first time. The research team discovered the alien origin is not likely, but that celestial objects are likely the ones that emit these radio signals...



Title: Environmental Effects on AGN Activities via Extinction-free Mid-Infrared Census


This stu...

Prof. Hsiang-Kuang Chang's gamma-ray detector is selected as a science payload of Formosat-8b

The Gamma-ray Transient M...