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2017-10-27 Abstract

Title: The circumstellar matter ditribution of MYSOs
Speaker: Dr. Olguin Choupay, Fernando Andres (NTHU)
Time: 15:30pm 27th Oct. 2017 (Friday)
Vanue: R521, IoA, 2nd General Building 綜二館R521
The study of accretion during the formation of massive stars is key to understanding whether their formation is a scaled-up version of low-mass star formation or not. Massive young stellar objects (MYSOs) are where the star is still likely to be accreting at a high rate, but the forming star has not ionised the bulk of the parental material. The study of their matter distribution can therefore provide insights about accretion, the interaction of jets and winds with the envelope, and the outflow mechanism.
In this talk I will show the results of our study on the physical properties of the prototypical MYSO GL 2591. I will present the density, temperature and velocity distributions obtained by our 3-D radiative transfer modelling which are constrained by interferometric and single-dish observations from the near-IR to mm wavelengths. In particular, I will show how the models match spatially resolved Herschel 70 micron data as well as the methyl cyanide emission at ~5000 au scales, which are relevant for inflow/outflow processes.
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