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2018-10-19 Abstract

Date: October 19
Time: 15:30
Location: R521
Title: Numerical-Relativity simulations of stellar collapse in Massive Scalar-Tensor gravity
Author(s): Patrick C. K. Cheong (CUHK); Tjonnie G.F Li (CUHK)
Presenter: Patrick C. K. Cheong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Abstract: One of the most popular candidate extensions of GR are scalar-tensor (ST) theories of gravity. In these theories, some nonperturbative effects may occur in the strong-field situation which introduces some strong deviation from GR. For instance, spontaneous scalarization of neutron stars and monopole gravitational waves generation due to the radial oscillations. Neutron stars and stellar core collapse are the most promising systems to seek for such deviations. We present numerical-relativity simulations of spherically symmetric core-collapse in massive scalar-tensor gravity in dynamic strong-field systems and study the signatures of the scalar gravitational waves.
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