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2018-11-23 Abstract

Title: Faint Submillimeter Galaxies
Speaker: Dr. Wei-Hao Wang (ASIAA)
Date: November 23 at 15:30pm
Location: General building II, R521
Submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) are high-redshift dust obscured star-forming galaxies with extremely high star formation rate (10^2 to >10^3 Msun/yr). They are widely regarded as progenitors of present-day massive elliptical galaxies. They were first discovered in the late 90’s. Since then, we have slowly accumulated knowledge about this special population of galaxies. In the first decade since their discovery, most observations focused on the brightest members in this population, because of the limited sensitivities of submillimeter instruments. Such bright SMGs are extremely luminous, but are not representative in the dusty galaxy population. Thanks to the advent of sensitive interferometers and wide-field cameras, we are now pushing our studies to much fainter SMGs, i.e., more typical members in the dusty galaxy population. In this talk, I will introduce our recent works on understanding the faint SMGs and their relationship to normal galaxies.
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