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2018-12-07 Abstract

Title: Physical Properties of Molecular Gas and Star Formation in MaNGA Galaxy Pairs
Speaker: Dr. Hsi-An Pan (ASIAA)
Date: December 7 at 15:30pm
Location: General building II, R521
Galaxy interactions are often accompanied by an enhanced star formation rate (SFR). Since molecular gas represents the material immediately available for forming new stars, it is vital to establish whether, and by how much, galaxy interactions affect the molecular gas properties. In the talk, I will present our study that reveals the effect of galaxy interactions on molecular gas properties. This is the first time that the dependence of molecular gas properties on merger configurations is probed statistically with a relatively large sample and with a carefully-selected control galaxies for individual galaxies in pairs. In addition, using the spatially-resolved spectroscopy data from MaNGA, we are able to construct the evolution of spatially-resolved SFR variation for interacting galaxies at different merger stages.

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