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2019-09-27 Abstract

Title: Connecting the dots: learning about the origin of the Solar System from star formation
Speaker:  Daniel Harsono (ASIAA)
Date: September 27 at 15:30
Location: R521, General building II
Stars and planet-forming disks form out of cold and dense clouds. One of the major questions in astrochemistry is whether or not the disk inherits the material of the protostellar envelope. Models of the young solar nebula, the disk that formed the Solar System, suggest that the chemical composition has been reset on the way to the disk as the meteoritic studies showed.  However, it has been only recently that it is possible to study the early stages of star formation with the detail required to compare with the young solar nebula. I will present the on-going projects to understand the disk formation process and its implications on the early stages of planet formation and the origin of the Solar System.


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