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2019-11-08 Abstract

Title: High-energy emission and hard tails in Galactic black holes: status after 18 years of INTEGRAL observations
Speaker:  Jerome Rodriguez (CEA)
Date: November 8 at 15:30
Location: R521, General building II
Black hole X-ray binaries / microquasars are known since almost fifty years. The origin of the classical X-ray emission (0.1-10 keV) is widely accepted as being powered by an accretion disc. The hard X-rays are usually attributed to inverse Compton emission of the disc photon on some « coronal » medium whose exact origin and geometry are still widely debated.  Hard tails extending beyond typically 100 keV, have first been discovered with OSSE in the late 90’s and further confirmed with INTEGRAL. In this talk, I will review recent results obtained from broad band X-ray and multi-wavelength observations of microquasars in general. I will focus more specifically on results obtained from systematic analysis of the high-energy INTEGRAL data allowing one to probe the origin of these hard tails. In particular I will discuss the potentiality of using ` INTEGRAL as a polarimeter enable us to break the degeneracy of the various spectral models usually used to fit the X-ray data. 


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