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2019-12-20 Abstract

Title: The Prime Focus Spectrograph of Subaru Telescope
Speaker:  Dr. Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA)
Date: December 20 at 15:30
Location: R521, General Building II
The Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) is a fiber fed spectrograph system with a fiber positioner system designed to be mounted at the prime focus of the Subaru 8.2m telescope on Mauna Kea, and feeding 4 fixed spectrographs mounted near the Nasmyth focus. With 2394 fibers & fiber positioners, PFS allows simultaneous spectral observations of up to 2394 astronomical targets. Fibers then carry light to spectrographs covering the wavelength ranges from 0.38 um to 1.3 um with an average resolving power of 3000. Before and during the era of extremely large telescopes, PFS will provide the unique capability of obtaining spectra of 2400 cosmological/astrophysical targets simultaneously with an 8-10 meter class telescope.This optical/near-infrared multi-fiber spectrograph targets cosmology with galaxy surveys, Galactic archaeology, and studies of galaxy/AGN evolution.  The PFS collaboration, led by IPMU, consists of ASIAA in Taiwan, USP/LNA in Brazil, Chinese Consortium, Caltech/JPL, Princeton & JHU and NorthEast Participation Group in USA, LAM in France, Max Planck Society in Germany, NAOJ/Subaru, IPMU in Japan. The project started in late 2010 and is how in the last development phase. In this talk, the details of the PFS design and development status will be presented.  The planning of the coming Subaru Strategic Survey will also be briefed.
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