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2020-01-17 Abstract

Title: Dwarf galaxies as dark matter laboratories
Speaker:  Yao-Yuan Mao (Rutgers)
Date: January 17 at 15:30
Location: R521, General Building II
In the standard model of cosmology, dark matter can be seen as the building blocks of our universe and is home to visible galaxies. However, despite the success of this model and a wide array of experiments, our knowledge about the fundamental nature of dark matter remains very limited. Fortunately, current and upcoming galaxy surveys open new windows into fainter dwarf galaxies, which are excellent laboratories for studying the nature of dark matter, as dwarf galaxies are hosted in small dark structures, and have high dark-to-baryonic mass ratio. In this talk, I will introduce how dwarf galaxies can provide novel insights into the nature of dark matter, and how we develop better theoretical models for the connection between dwarf galaxies and dark matter halos. I will also describe the ongoing "Satellites Around Galactic Analogs" (SAGA) Survey, a spectroscopic survey that aims to discover and identify dwarf galaxy satellite systems around Milky Way-like galaxies outside the Local Volume, and how the SAGA dataset and other future surveys will enable us to unveil the nature of dark matter.
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